Mark Cuban Only Morons start a business on a loan Basement Billionaire

0:00 how to describe how we thank you know entrepreneur had gotten a gallup
0:03maverick owner shark tank
0:05dark you do Park okay if I dont know about that but for nor
0:10no you know it you were talking earlier today on the panel macon
0:14really fascinating point about innovation right now in that country
0:19on and all that need to be done to encourage it to encourage small
0:24what do you think on overall the most important thing for
0:28for you want honors right now just to go after it
0:32i mean the thing about being an entrepreneur is this is just
0:36all to you you know a lot of people like to make a few satellite connections I
0:39dont have money I dont have this but
0:41you know it if you find something that you like to do for love to do
0:45be great at it and see if you can turn it into a business and worst-case
0:49youre going to have fun doing what it is you love to do in this case you can
0:52turn into a business Id
0:53absorbing excuses I just think if you really deep everybody has an opportunity
0:57to go for this is gonna do we love the parking along right now for small
1:00business owners trying to come on youre trying to come up with an idea
1:03how do you get the capital could start that bid
1:06first what youre starting a business and you take out a loan your more on
1:09right because youre
1:11it there so many uncertainties involved starting a business
1:15yet the one certainty that you have to have is paying back your loan
1:19and the bank doesnt care about your business or whoever you borrow farm
1:22lessons family doesnt care about your business
1:24you know and so is just take a complete conflicts on
1:27to to whatever whats your small business on
1:30Bernard 90 percent a small businesses you can start with next to no cap it was
1:34more about
1:35effort be up small businesses dont fail for lack a capital
1:38the feel for lack of brains that fail for lack of effort most people just
1:41arent willing to put in
1:43the time to work smart I mean they they
1:46they go four in a lotta cases but date just dont recognize how much work is
1:50involved and
1:51and if you do the preparation of vino if you start a business you better know
1:55your industry and your company better than anyone in the whole wide world
1:59because youre competing and to think that whoever it is youre competing with
2:03this just gonna let you come in and take their business
2:05obviously thats naive I think most people dont recognize that
2:08if your gonna compete with media wanna my businesses you better realize that
2:12working 24 hours a day
2:13to kick your ass you know like companies right now are holding on to their money
2:17in holding on the cash maybe theyre doing cannot
2:19share buyback grab but in general theyre not putting their capital to
2:23work right now
2:24how and when did that start teens
2:27yeah I mean its reflection of a lot of different things F if theyre buying
2:31back shares
2:32means they dont see anything in their own businesses that they can invest in
2:35and if they dont see anything in their own businesses that they can invest in
2:38day and it doesnt matter to bring him back capital from elsewhere and it
2:41doesnt matter that they can talk all they want about jobs but theres no good
2:45you know that to hire people cuz they dont have places to put capital work
2:49and i think thats also a reflection are the focus on wall street you know what
2:55the times we talk about putting Kapali
2:57to use we talk about public companies you really see this as an issue in
3:01private companies
3:02all but with public companies baby get such concern with shareholder value and
3:06shareholder returns
3:07that they lose sight all Ill trying to move the ball and to innovate and to
3:12invest in RD
3:13that I think thats her dark on me and I think that hurts the
3:16the company long-term good what does it mean for girls were gonna be in the 2.5
3:21percent two percent environment for want to add a bottom-up
3:24I dont look at that face either something wrong were not doing
3:26something right
3:27I look at that and say thats the new normal that you know
3:30when companies have their backs to get swapped really small to medium where
3:34theres a big
3:34home part of the growth for jobs we find new ways to innovate were innovators in
3:39this country we dont just sit back and say the only way we can solve problems
3:42as by hiring people
3:44we go out there and you hire smarter kids you hire smarter people to
3:48right software to put things in the cloud to to
3:51home find new solutions and so were you turning it or not
3:55economy that is bifurcated theres those people who
3:59right to control and to find the software and then theres those people
4:02who work for the software Sony gone out and started a lot a bit because
4:05including your own network
4:07PBSs jet to purchased a minority stake in your network
4:10what what do you think would have their intention that had to do with that and
4:14you think theres a chance they might buy out the whole thing
4:16who knows arm but I think theyre recognizing that
4:19youre the reason we took a Network HD net which was the first of high
4:22definition TV output grew at
4:23farm and then two years ago I recognized at B&H didnt cost is not enough
4:28and so I said up there in the media landscape what
4:32opportunities are there what what creates a unique scenario that would be
4:36good for a network
4:37and if you look at whats happening with social media particular real time social
4:41media is very obvious you guys know as well as anybody
4:43real time social media drives real-time viewing on TV
4:47and live events on TV drive social media servers to biotic relationship and so
4:52with active TB we had been doing live event is HD net which is amplified that
4:56so its
4:57we do know from concert all over the globe told live
5:00interview shows to live you know fights whatever to prevent that we can do live
5:05we want to hear what people will tune in for our lives what differentiates
5:09on television from the internet you note the internet was designed
5:13for everything but video at television designed specifically
5:17to deliver video on that and thats a huge difference and having internet hey
5:20I mean when you think about content now being
5:22so much on demand live obviously different because it to tune in
5:26sporting event right but we would
5:29Gangnam style video right billion people watching you could find any two people
5:33who watched and talked about it at the same time
5:35which is completely different by the time you watched on YouTube already
5:38missed it
5:39you know youve missed the conversation YouTube not about conversation on
5:42demands not about conversation
5:44its about catching up its about killing time in and vegetating watching
5:47the show

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