How To Get An SBA Business Loan

0:04you have written in and we are listening we get questioned
0:07every week about how to get a business loan so in todays consultant corner
0:11were going to ask could you ask Matt William anger
0:14hes a regional administrator of the Small Business Administration
0:17overseeing the agencys financial assistance and business development
0:21programs well thanks for coming on the show
0:23thank you very much for stop lets clarify the FBI does not give loans they
0:26guarantee loans thats correct we do not make grants
0:29we guarantee loans so where do you go of your small business person to get a loan
0:33well will you go to a bank or a non-bank lender I could be a credit union
0:37I usually so when you have some relationship with but you know you can
0:40walk into any other major banks
0:42I and smaller regional banks and get a a guarantee loans from the SBA that you
0:47can grow your business anyone can do this
0:49and many are entire audience right absolutely its available to anybody
0:52Wednesday 20 is the range how small can your actually no minimum
0:56but the it goes up to two million dollars so thats a sizable
0:59amount of money that you can get guaranteed by the federal government
1:01okay so lets just say
1:03now I know where to go I know how much Im looking for going to the bank what
1:06do I need to bring
1:07really the most important thing and we tell everybody this
1:10is a sound business plan with at least projections after three years now the
1:14bank is only in a focus really in the first year
1:16but they do want to see three your projections and a sound business plan
1:20that you know exactly what youre getting into what its all about and and
1:23they wanted you to be successful
1:24do they want to know that you have experience do they want to see
1:26references they do they want to see that you have some
1:29knowledge on the field youre entering into and some experience would certainly
1:32be at you know essential if you want to start a restaurant for example
1:35would be great if you had some past history job job
1:39in a restaurant working in any capacity but just you have a
1:42dont fully ready with that industry rather than someone just coming into an
1:45it had been you business call
1:46okay the second thing you say is make sure you gone with a good credit score
1:49yeah and you know its almost like when you buy a house you you its better to
1:52know what your credit score is before the bank tells you you know like a crash
1:55course to or not be able to do this way
1:57but you know so thats very easy to get your credit score and just know what
2:00that is because certainly be a banks are not gonna be happy if youve got a $500
2:04credit score
2:04they were sealed something over higher for people who dont know where to find
2:07out how to get your credit score
2:08you can do that online actually theres even now once a year for free
2:12go online and get your credit score okay and if you have a poor credit score you
2:16should fix that before
2:17you do you have to you have to be really picture credit and sometimes it just
2:20means we know waiting a little time in making sure you may call your payments
2:22on time
2:23you know a credit cards and and payments that you have and that can correct it
2:27and then youll be youll be fine
2:28okay and last 12 years of tax returns you should bring those in with you
2:31well you know the bank and yes beer gonna ask to see to your tax return so
2:35if you want to go when you want to expedite the process as quickly as
2:38its great to be able to walk in with those two years tax returns right to up
2:42and you wont have to go back and get them and come back again and how long
2:45term us a big load for
2:46these loans I really can go all the way up to 20 your lonesome hofer fixed
2:51but tell you know most of our loans to 7a loans we do for every everything
2:54including working capital
2:56so it really any term but up to 20 years for fixed
2:59okay perfect I dont think so much a concurrent program preciate

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Mark Cuban Only Morons start a business on a loan Basement Billionaire

0:00 how to describe how we thank you know entrepreneur had gotten a gallup
0:03maverick owner shark tank
0:05dark you do Park okay if I dont know about that but for nor
0:10no you know it you were talking earlier today on the panel macon
0:14really fascinating point about innovation right now in that country
0:19on and all that need to be done to encourage it to encourage small
0:24what do you think on overall the most important thing for
0:28for you want honors right now just to go after it
0:32i mean the thing about being an entrepreneur is this is just
0:36all to you you know a lot of people like to make a few satellite connections I
0:39dont have money I dont have this but
0:41you know it if you find something that you like to do for love to do
0:45be great at it and see if you can turn it into a business and worst-case
0:49youre going to have fun doing what it is you love to do in this case you can
0:52turn into a business Id
0:53absorbing excuses I just think if you really deep everybody has an opportunity
0:57to go for this is gonna do we love the parking along right now for small
1:00business owners trying to come on youre trying to come up with an idea
1:03how do you get the capital could start that bid
1:06first what youre starting a business and you take out a loan your more on
1:09right because youre
1:11it there so many uncertainties involved starting a business
1:15yet the one certainty that you have to have is paying back your loan
1:19and the bank doesnt care about your business or whoever you borrow farm
1:22lessons family doesnt care about your business
1:24you know and so is just take a complete conflicts on
1:27to to whatever whats your small business on
1:30Bernard 90 percent a small businesses you can start with next to no cap it was
1:34more about
1:35effort be up small businesses dont fail for lack a capital
1:38the feel for lack of brains that fail for lack of effort most people just
1:41arent willing to put in
1:43the time to work smart I mean they they
1:46they go four in a lotta cases but date just dont recognize how much work is
1:50involved and
1:51and if you do the preparation of vino if you start a business you better know
1:55your industry and your company better than anyone in the whole wide world
1:59because youre competing and to think that whoever it is youre competing with
2:03this just gonna let you come in and take their business
2:05obviously thats naive I think most people dont recognize that
2:08if your gonna compete with media wanna my businesses you better realize that
2:12working 24 hours a day
2:13to kick your ass you know like companies right now are holding on to their money
2:17in holding on the cash maybe theyre doing cannot
2:19share buyback grab but in general theyre not putting their capital to
2:23work right now
2:24how and when did that start teens
2:27yeah I mean its reflection of a lot of different things F if theyre buying
2:31back shares
2:32means they dont see anything in their own businesses that they can invest in
2:35and if they dont see anything in their own businesses that they can invest in
2:38day and it doesnt matter to bring him back capital from elsewhere and it
2:41doesnt matter that they can talk all they want about jobs but theres no good
2:45you know that to hire people cuz they dont have places to put capital work
2:49and i think thats also a reflection are the focus on wall street you know what
2:55the times we talk about putting Kapali
2:57to use we talk about public companies you really see this as an issue in
3:01private companies
3:02all but with public companies baby get such concern with shareholder value and
3:06shareholder returns
3:07that they lose sight all Ill trying to move the ball and to innovate and to
3:12invest in RD
3:13that I think thats her dark on me and I think that hurts the
3:16the company long-term good what does it mean for girls were gonna be in the 2.5
3:21percent two percent environment for want to add a bottom-up
3:24I dont look at that face either something wrong were not doing
3:26something right
3:27I look at that and say thats the new normal that you know
3:30when companies have their backs to get swapped really small to medium where
3:34theres a big
3:34home part of the growth for jobs we find new ways to innovate were innovators in
3:39this country we dont just sit back and say the only way we can solve problems
3:42as by hiring people
3:44we go out there and you hire smarter kids you hire smarter people to
3:48right software to put things in the cloud to to
3:51home find new solutions and so were you turning it or not
3:55economy that is bifurcated theres those people who
3:59right to control and to find the software and then theres those people
4:02who work for the software Sony gone out and started a lot a bit because
4:05including your own network
4:07PBSs jet to purchased a minority stake in your network
4:10what what do you think would have their intention that had to do with that and
4:14you think theres a chance they might buy out the whole thing
4:16who knows arm but I think theyre recognizing that
4:19youre the reason we took a Network HD net which was the first of high
4:22definition TV output grew at
4:23farm and then two years ago I recognized at B&H didnt cost is not enough
4:28and so I said up there in the media landscape what
4:32opportunities are there what what creates a unique scenario that would be
4:36good for a network
4:37and if you look at whats happening with social media particular real time social
4:41media is very obvious you guys know as well as anybody
4:43real time social media drives real-time viewing on TV
4:47and live events on TV drive social media servers to biotic relationship and so
4:52with active TB we had been doing live event is HD net which is amplified that
4:56so its
4:57we do know from concert all over the globe told live
5:00interview shows to live you know fights whatever to prevent that we can do live
5:05we want to hear what people will tune in for our lives what differentiates
5:09on television from the internet you note the internet was designed
5:13for everything but video at television designed specifically
5:17to deliver video on that and thats a huge difference and having internet hey
5:20I mean when you think about content now being
5:22so much on demand live obviously different because it to tune in
5:26sporting event right but we would
5:29Gangnam style video right billion people watching you could find any two people
5:33who watched and talked about it at the same time
5:35which is completely different by the time you watched on YouTube already
5:38missed it
5:39you know youve missed the conversation YouTube not about conversation on
5:42demands not about conversation
5:44its about catching up its about killing time in and vegetating watching
5:47the show

What Do I Need to Apply For a Business Loan?

0:00 do
0:12 you the questions I frequently get tossed
0:15is Rob what information do I need to give to a bank
0:18in order to get a business loan thats a great question
0:22Im sure if you recently approached the bank you know that they want
0:26much information from you as they can gone are the days where you could just
0:30pick up the phone
0:31and ask the bank for a loan it doesnt work like that anymore so what
0:35information do you need
0:36well let me share some ideas with you the first
0:40information you need is a business plan now you know if youve watched
0:44my other videos on this channel Im a great believer in business plans
0:48especially when youre approaching the bank for a loan
0:50everything that they need to know about your business
0:54is enclosed in a business plan it just makes it so much
0:57easier for them to process your request not written a business plan before
1:02just check out the other videos on this channel or check out my book
1:06long shop get the business finance you you find some tips and ideas
1:10in there as well so first step get that business plan
1:14an expert information the bank needs
1:17is you order to the country annual financial statements
1:20banks love numbers those
1:23account have to be backing up to date its anything more than three months
1:28of to your end the bank Ill probably say come back to me
1:31when youve got that information get onto your account
1:35make sure all your statement a bang up to date
1:38but even thats not good enough because
1:42they gonna be three four five months old but Im you produce the financial
1:46show the banks gonna want even more up-to-date information
1:49in the former management accounts now in the current economic environment you
1:55as a business owner should be wanting to know whats going on with you
1:59in the business on a monthly or quarterly basis
2:02so Paul information together so that
2:05bang up to date you know exactly what your sales you expenditure
2:09and more importantly your profitability is because banks you
2:14ask oldest brings it back up to date an expert information
2:19well they want to know how much money you owe
2:22and the former what your creditors are how much money is owed
2:26to you your debtors show bring that information as well
2:30your debtors on your creditors the next bit
2:34all thats being backward-looking alway your businesses today
2:38the bank is more interested in where your business is going to be in the
2:42financial forecasts coming theyre going to want to see
2:46forecast profit and loss cash flow a balance sheet
2:50maybe the needed to help here Im so you may want to go
2:54launcher Canton take got a big project they wanted to put together
2:58but the banks going to want to see you have the ability
3:01to pay back known or the overdraft you asking for
3:05the next with information is
3:09I think expenditure asset and liability report and what the heck is that
3:13well an individual explain to the bank is lending to use the individual
3:18you in the small business market you were the one will make or break your
3:22to the bank wants to know about your personal
3:26financial background so theyre gonna give you a form Im which details on
3:30your income
3:30all your expenditure your assets hikes colleagues after
3:34I knew liabilities your mortgage personal loans
3:38why do they wanna know well if you are under
3:41personal financial pressure individually where you gonna change
3:46you gonna tune to your business to support
3:49so theyre going to want to know what financial pressure
3:52you may or may not be and the last item information need
3:57well the banks gonna pull off the credit report
4:00on you on your business more particularly
4:04you so forewarned is forearmed not look to your credit report recently
4:09get a copy its so easy to get hold of just going to your favorite search
4:13tight credit report and you come up with a number of providers
4:17all which will provide exactly the information the bank a/c
4:21have a look at that report just check out theres nothing detrimental
4:25that will get the bank consent just get all tied up
4:28so ileana a
4:31quick overview all information that the banks gonna need
4:34your business plan accounts manage in the camps
4:38financial forecast and income and expenditure asset-liability report
4:43and then lastly your credit report do all that
4:46put the information together on your gonna substantially
4:50increase your chances getting that

How to get a Small Business Loan with Bad Credit

0:00hi everybody welcome to how to get a small business loan with bad credit rock
0:05you by
0:06EV business loans that US now had
0:09Im really am doing this because they were a great article
0:13based on the paper time University courtly private cover
0:16at index with the sect for 2013
0:20you get the article at Port stock com at the timber 13th 2013
0:26up the report suggests in cream
0:30points out that where many small-business owners are looking for
0:34is it where the biting it this is very consistent with what we observe here
0:39other where a small buttons are looking for financing
0:43isnt much of a surprise wear them by the money
0:46they need might be check it out
0:49where a small business looking
0:55for financing what the majority on with 63 percent
1:00i lookin at the bank shouldnt be a surprise that most small business owners
1:05do feel like the local bank is the first stop they should make went looking for a
1:10lot back
1:11SEP 3 percent at the service pond answered that most likely sorta
1:15would be the bank haver it doesnt take too many rejections
1:20before the turn to other sources like the credit cards or
1:23personal loan or simply stopped looking for financing
1:27are together you might be cheated no
1:30that this text messages survey respondents were having
1:33bill out in the opposite order when compared to wear
1:38they were looking checkup the majority bout success with president family
1:46look at this too far too many banks
1:52my opinion are moving upstream to bigger businesses
1:56and hopefully bigger profits the with the smart businesses
2:00like you and me out the cold partially
2:03los Martires dollars sixty-three percent paid their hopes
2:07on earth them thatd be with them the high
2:11I believe the biggest
2:15dot Peter the country is a small other parts stores
2:19they deserve more lipset the lip service from the banks
2:23as using only 23 percent power success at the bank
2:28this is totally unacceptable our
2:33have you got the deterred out for a loan the banks
2:36well there is an attorney
2:40you might be surprised Im a big man to make capital more valuable
2:46two small planes they can eat
2:49the rest of the time detained two alternate sources or have a bad thing
2:53there search for financing altogether
2:57I think that the report brings into focus the Sperry
3:01to maybe bob is urs expectations the backing
3:05industrys claims and the reality a small business lending
3:09granted author if anything is more expensive
3:14than a traditional at the bank even though
3:17those costs are coming down not biking
3:20guidance infocomm at a premium however
3:23may be small builders given the choice will choose expensive financing
3:28too dull financing at all I would be there
3:32will be there their shoes they just need to be
3:35know its available yes its available Id let me just say that
3:39a terrible is it is the means to all but I had suggested that
3:44used wisely and with discretion Turner financing
3:48is a valuable resource for shorter refuses capital to shoe
3:52growth or help bizarre overcast up
3:56in a perfect world the capital might be more
4:00you think this will at a local bank right now
4:03afternoon sources I think that niche in the back in Chi
4:07is losing small business market share
4:10to this which may have
4:15sick make it implications in the future
4:18that is for borrowers for bankers alike Michael
4:24wave a magic way I which tree by the process but what is
4:28totally uprooted mark lot loans
4:3150,000 hours or less make it less competent
4:34expensive both banks empowers its hard to blame Abaco
4:39face the same cost as she I 50,000 alone
4:42at their by air it out a lot
4:48but there is a choice I can lead to poor theres an attorney
4:57you go to easy business loans there you will find information about
5:04in organization that only focuses a small business
5:08even people with bad credit no credit check
5:11no personal guarantee Arctic your business up to
5:15to million dollars bass response whitebait application
5:19you get response within 24 to 48 hours so
5:22if you want you looking for by Nancy
5:26for your small business you have bad credit look personal collateral or dont
5:31want to give your personal
5:33tie up your personal buddy go to this website
5:37EV visit those .us or click below
5:40you finally right to it

Tips for Getting a Business Loan

0:00 there may be circumstances when an individual wants to start a business but
0:06they may not have the necessary capital to get off the ground in that case a
0:10business loan is necessary is so lobby where said someone apply for a business
0:16thats a great question there are a lot of lending institutions out there
0:19thatll give loans as well as different brokers that are out there that
0:23represent different lending institutions and dont give you just what they have a
0:27prior to his house so what I like to advise my clients to do is take a look
0:33on SBA tacos usually does it really good outline terms of when you need a
0:38business loan or something to do so for further information typically director
0:43and why would you need a business loan tell me more you know some business
0:48owners they needed for construction so maybe they wanted to build out where
0:52they want to bring on new equipment for somebody just accounts payables so we
0:58can get an Accounts Payable loan if they have vendors that owed them money but
1:03they havent collected on it yet they can get the loan to just kind of allowed
1:08them to have the cash flow continued operate their different types of loans
1:11unsecured loans are secured unsecured typically on the good faith and credit
1:16of the borrower and insecurity readers something in place 2222 collateralized
1:23loan so maybe theres a the value of a building for a life insurance something
1:30else that is a hard tangible assets including
1:33finally what do you do if you are not approved price if youre not approved
1:42for a loan
1:43youre gonna have to try and work your credit to get the type of loan that you
1:46need to continue operations or you have to revisit what it is youre going to do
1:50is figure out there is another way
1:52around getting will be a private loan as opposed to rate going to a lending
1:58what I like to also tell my clients is if youre gonna be going through alone
2:04make sure your business plans together make sure how whatever the phone youre
2:09going for someone to improve your business and then if possible you like
2:13somebody broke because if you can utilize somebody local will buy into
2:17your story they know you as a as a business owner maybe you think there as
2:22well and creating that relationship that sometimes are you a long way in terms of
2:27getting a loan


0:02 BDO brings you closer to your dream of taking your business
0:06to that next level
0:13introducing small business loan
0:17it all started in the late sixties what acne savings back
0:21was bored Henry C acquired the small back
0:24and renamed it Banco de Oro savings at what gets back
0:28now BDO is the largest bank in the Philippines
0:33in terms of assets loans and deposits
0:36BDO has introduced a number of banking legacies
0:40and has stayed relevant involving with changing needs
0:44of the tides BDO has proven
0:49time it again its commitment to provide superior service
0:52and financial security to the Filipino
0:55this at all its achievements
0:59solidified videos position as one of the premier backs
1:03that provide for the evolving needs of the Filipino
1:06but this has been our performance
1:11adweek even aim to get better
1:18now that youve seen what weve achieved what can we do for you and your business
1:25paid out and about and working capital for them by going to quit make
1:32okay and a month a bigger store both
1:36cool bunk wanna addition a franchise business
1:42have banned the hail business no to take that next step
1:45that he didnt he had not keep the old about me than you
1:50thats why small business loan
1:53is here for you as long as could be Keith and this this new york for at
1:57least two years
1:58with minimal annual gross sales a $1 million vessels
2:02for the come with the play
2:12these are the product features of small business loan
2:44with more than 700 BDO branches nationwide
2:47singled out the email income when Im happy that I would have a little
2:51Thailand at this this mall
2:53will come with a laugh and small business loan I had done politely sales
2:58at PTO week five ways

Get Pro Finance help

0:04choosing tyson a bride is like choosing a partner in life
0:07it takes for evaluation and dedication
0:11because a franchise business is a long-term permit with me today is this
0:15entire process from
0:17abe et aI think back about shoes either right
0:20type of business for you again mom said still
0:24is getting crazy period want consider to be the
0:28shoes the right franchise when you want to do so run
0:32should go for the successful
0:34teachers and run features a brand with the traffic like
0:37which is a brand successful Im
0:41because one day you want to be one when you look at the franchise
0:45up because their franchises just type you wanna just once
0:49on those the have successful practice and usually the case is
0:53you mean by successful on it to you over a certain period
0:58yes rate
1:01says to make right review the franchise business when you the most successful
1:06that only one factor but them and what was important
1:10hes the commitment would be investor because you gonna be there by
1:15and I them
1:16close I have to do you need a any person I wonder what if youre a first-time
1:21entrepreneur businessman %uh
1:23other risks the scene when it comes to be an experienced Business First
1:28are pretty much learning from scratch when you buy
1:31to oppress of course just by you themselves you have experience in
1:34doesnt manage your business
1:36but it doesnt stop you from cool million people a business for example
1:40going you want the Benjamin
1:43in most cases everybody at this time up for the business there is but its
1:46always /param
1:48are you money studies when girl with nice first hubris
1:52to minimize on the inside it goes with it you have to have a
1:55this recommended place breath a PPI
1:58familys commitment to me is applied in business in 10
2:02areas that weve seen opportunities ira
2:05supplied in practice thats why we have a list the recommended
2:09access bathroom
2:11as we have started to credit
2:12take them franchise plans when you see accreditation he have partnered with
2:17and we have come are within 90 solution it plans
2:21so if they want to buy into a franchise and of course I apply for a loan in the
2:25itll be easier for me because you are credited the Monday
2:29yes so right now we have 16 ready that franchise
2:32business what that means hes so we have seen the financial hit by a missile
2:37franchisee and then we have come up with them
2:39a proper 1890 practices so one
2:43this of course theres so many in this peace out there that a lot of anti-seize
2:46can get
2:47what is the one that people usually buying
2:50to websites full and then what id Im now markets
2:53aptly one is one of them but when you look at the franklin teasing any
2:57can be certainly see you can so its including the skis what I keep one of
3:01the major
3:02factors that the investor has been looking peace
3:06the amount that is really the best and the Pima unit lights
3:10Bahia franchise theres theres so many
3:13packages out there. that amount be the union also that location
3:17is not applicable
3:19okay miss a good party let me go what exactly kind of advice can you give her
3:23but that
3:24franchisees with the left the courage actually did get in there and get into
3:28the business
3:28we want to tell them that the FBI undies
3:31committed himself in nineteen franchise business
3:35and together with my own credit that and his likeness you can gain
3:39home more level the success because he
3:44to the brands the fight there you have it
3:47try to find the right track I Brad and it is for you
3:51thank you very much he said talked

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