0:02 BDO brings you closer to your dream of taking your business
0:06to that next level
0:13introducing small business loan
0:17it all started in the late sixties what acne savings back
0:21was bored Henry C acquired the small back
0:24and renamed it Banco de Oro savings at what gets back
0:28now BDO is the largest bank in the Philippines
0:33in terms of assets loans and deposits
0:36BDO has introduced a number of banking legacies
0:40and has stayed relevant involving with changing needs
0:44of the tides BDO has proven
0:49time it again its commitment to provide superior service
0:52and financial security to the Filipino
0:55this at all its achievements
0:59solidified videos position as one of the premier backs
1:03that provide for the evolving needs of the Filipino
1:06but this has been our performance
1:11adweek even aim to get better
1:18now that youve seen what weve achieved what can we do for you and your business
1:25paid out and about and working capital for them by going to quit make
1:32okay and a month a bigger store both
1:36cool bunk wanna addition a franchise business
1:42have banned the hail business no to take that next step
1:45that he didnt he had not keep the old about me than you
1:50thats why small business loan
1:53is here for you as long as could be Keith and this this new york for at
1:57least two years
1:58with minimal annual gross sales a $1 million vessels
2:02for the come with the play
2:12these are the product features of small business loan
2:44with more than 700 BDO branches nationwide
2:47singled out the email income when Im happy that I would have a little
2:51Thailand at this this mall
2:53will come with a laugh and small business loan I had done politely sales
2:58at PTO week five ways

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